Renea Lynzee Textile Surface Design

“Design Is More Than Just a Pretty Picture.”

In design, concept isn’t just helpful – it’s essential. A good design communicates an idea. A great design backed by a powerful concept can create a mood, inspire action, and make the viewer feel anything from excitement to calm to happiness to curiosity.

Drawing inspiration from abstract art, mixed media, urban environments and the natural world, Renea mixes traditional techniques with modern digital effects to create designs that are unexpected, unique and emotive.

As an art director at several Chicago marketing agencies, Renea honed the craft of creating design specifically attuned to the needs of her clients. In collaborations, Renea is known for her ability to analyze trends in fashion and design, matching them to her clients’ markets, developing unique, nontraditional and expressive creations.

Renea resides in the Midwest with her husband and two sons. When she’s not in her design studio, you can find her exploring Chicago with her family, lingering in a local art gallery, or working on her Pliés at a barre studio.